InnoHealth Partners is committed to provides unequalled support to innovations and innovators in the healthcare sector.  We are passionate about finding and committing ourselves to gritty entrepreneurs, partner with them to grow their promising ventures to amazing companies.

We believe the key to success in healthcare lies in collaborations and partnerships to deliver a unified care network to achieve superior outcomes.

Our Philosophy

At InnoHealth Partners, our business philosophy is driven by 5Cs.

Connect: We are firm believers in the power of connecting great business ideas to talented people and building a network of spirited people with common goals and vision of success

Commit: We are resolute about creating a difference in healthcare and share our dedication in creating relationships with entrepreneurs and commit ourselves to realize their vision

Collaborate: “Change is almost impossible without collaboration and consensus”. We live by this statement and see cooperation and long-term partnerships as the best way to drive effective outcomes in healthcare

Create: InnoHealth = Innovations + Health. Creativity is the lifeblood of InnoHealth Partners. The transformation in healthcare value chain presents with innumerable opportunities for creative solutions to improve human lives

Collimate (Focus): For success in healthcare, focus should be on getting testimonials by the patients, providers and payers. Validation (by users) is much more important than valuation to decide winners and losers in healthcare

Our Offerings

InnoHealth Partners GmbH is a healthcare focussed search fund based out of Zurich, Switzerland. For each prospective and portfolio company, we take a unique role based on the need of the entrepreneurs. With our deep understanding of healthcare as well as finance industry, we provide with help across a wide range of topics – from market assessment, technology feasibility, business models development, collaborations, equity investments and exit strategies

We have an extensive network in the healthcare and investment industry. Above all, InnoHealth Partners is interested in building long-term partnership with talented and motivated entrepreneurs to share knowledge, experience and relationships to improve the probability of success